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Annette DrakeAnnette Drake is a multi-genre author whose work is character-driven and celebrates the law of unintended consequences.
She is currently writing the sequels to her debut novel, Celebration House. All three books are slated for publication in 2017.
Annette makes her home in Washington state. A member of the Romance Writers of America, she loves ferry rides, basset hounds and bakeries. She does not camp.

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  1. Vanessa Ayers says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading the first 2 books of the Celebration House series and can’t wait to read the third book. Will it be released soon?

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Holy smokes, Vanessa! You read fast.
      I’m writing the third (and final) book now. I’m hoping to have it complete by the end of May. Thanks for reading my books.

      • Meredith Renard says:

        Do you know when the Kindke edition of the third book will be available?

        • AnnetteDrake says:

          Hi, Meredith.

          As much as I would love to say Return to Celebration House is available NOW, it’s not. I’m still writing the book. I want to really make this one shine, and it’s just not there yet.
          So, as of today, June 1st, I’m going to say the book will be available on Kindle (and all ebook distributors) on August 5th.
          It’s just so important to me that this be my best book ever! And I simply need more time to accomplish that goal.
          Sorry to disappoint. I hope you will look for it in August.


  2. Mary F says:

    I do most of my reading on Nook. When will the second part of Celebration House be available as an ebook?

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Mary.
      Forgive me if I’m a little winded. I’m doing my happy dance because you took the time to write to me. Thank you so much. (I really mean that. I would put it caps but then you’d think I’m yelling at you, which I’m not. Just really happy).
      So, I’m sorry, but the second book, Stay at Celebration House, is exclusive to Amazon right now. It will be available on Nook in August.
      Thanks again for your comment. So appreciated.

      • Paula Y says:

        Loved Celebration House, and want to read the rest. Guess I will have to wait until August. Thank you for a wonderful read – I knew Carrie was terminal but I cried anyway.

        • AnnetteDrake says:

          Hi, Paula.
          I feel bad that I made you cry! But please know that Carrie is a presence in all three books, especially sister Melanie’s story. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      • Waynette Kennedy says:

        I was going to ask the same question. I loved the first book about Celebration House, and Carrie. I’ll definitely be looking for it soon! Thank you to Annette Drake! It’s a beautifully written book!

        • AnnetteDrake says:

          Good morning, Waynette.
          I’m so glad you loved Building Celebration House. I hoped readers would embrace Carrie and maybe understand the choice she made.
          I have to say, the book has really taken off. I had this silly idea: how about a Celebration House cookbook? Maybe a Celebration House coloring book? Too much? Probably.
          Thanks again for reading my story. I’m sincerely grateful.

  3. Cathy says:

    Just finished book 2-can’t wait for book 3 of Celebration House series. Please add me to your mailing list so I’ll know when it’s available on Amazon. Nice job!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Oh, thank you so much, Cathy. I really appreciate your kind words. Wait! What? You just finished book 2? It’s Tuesday. The Bookbub came out on Sunday. How do you guys read so fast?!?

      • Angela Oddo says:

        I really appreciate your amazement at how fast we (readers) read your books. Kind of like when I spend hours preparing a special meal, and my guests take 20 minutes to eat it!

        • AnnetteDrake says:

          YOU GET IT!
          Thank you so much for that observation. It actually takes me years to write a book and readers a day to read it.
          But I guess that means I’m doing my job – keeping readers turning pages. Right?!?

  4. Jane Templeton says:

    I really enjoyed the reading first two books in the Celebration House trilogy on my Kindle – hope the third one is out soon!!

  5. Gloria Wiley says:

    I read the first book of Celebration House on my Nook. The second book I caught on my Kindle. I read those two books in 3 days (had to take time to eat and sleep). I’m anxiously waiting on the third book and like to be added to your mailing list to be notified when it’s ready. Wonderful books and I have recommended them to my friends. Thank you for the great reads.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Gloria.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you like the books. It’s amazing to me how fast you guys read! But, I guess that means you’re enjoying the stories, which is FABULOUS!
      Return to Celebration House will be available in late May.
      Thanks again,

  6. Jennifer Russell says:

    Loved the first two books in celebration house series, looking forward to the third!!!!!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Jennifer.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you love the first two books in Celebration House. The third book, Return to Celebration House, will publish in late May!
      Thanks again,

  7. Ann Boyd says:

    Am reading your first in the celebration series.Love it.Could you let me know when the second book comes to Nook.Ann

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Ann.
      I made a spontaneous decision to give Amazon exclusivity to Stay at Celebration House until early August. The result is that it’s not currently available on Nook. But, it will be in August.
      Thank you for writing to me.

  8. Alice says:

    I have read the first two Celebration House books and am pleased to hear the final one will be out soon. Since I always wished I were a sensitive I was really drawn to book 1.
    Book 2 held my interest with the personalities and the intensity of the females.
    Since I read each in a day, I am on tenderhooks waiting for the last one. Thank you for such an intriguing time.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      You are so welcome. Thanks for reading my books!
      Melanie and I were struggling with her story, but we’re working much better together now.
      Return to Celebration House will publish at the end of May.
      Best wishes,

  9. Renee says:

    I just finished both books in two days and really enjoyed them. I did miss the ghosts in the second book and am hoping your next book includes them again and resolves they mystery of their son!
    Write quickly, lol!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Renee.
      You’re the third reader to tell me more ghosts. Got it!
      It’s a little hard because that was Carrie’s super power: the ability to see ghosts. But, I’ll be sure they’re more present in the third book.
      Thanks for reaching out to me,

  10. Smita says:

    I read the first book in the series Celebration House. Just loved it. When will be the secind book available on ibooks? And waiting for the third too…

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Smita.
      Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m glad you did.
      I have a whole lot of Nook and iBook readers who want the second book, Stay at Celebration House, available to them. Got it! Right now, it’s exclusive to Kindle, but it will go wide in August.
      Thanks again for reaching out to me. I’m glad you love the books.

  11. Dawn Ewer says:

    I loved the first Celebration house book! But, I am disappointed that I cannot get the 2nd book for my Nook.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Dawn.
      You are not alone! I’ve heard from a lot of writers unhappy that Stay at Celebration House is not available on Nook. Right now, the book is exclusive to Amazon, but that period of exclusivity ends in August. The book will then go wide and be available for your Nook.
      Thank you for writing to me. I love hearing from readers.

  12. Nancy says:

    I really enjoyed both books !!!

    I hope book #3 has more about the ghosts than #2 did…..
    Write Fast

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Nancy.
      I love your comment: more ghosts! Got it.
      Return to Celebration House will publish at the end of May.
      Thanks for writing to me. I’m so glad you did.

  13. Pat Wilson says:

    The reason we have read the Celebration House books so quickly is we don’t want to put them down! I started reading first one 4 days ago and the reason it took me so long is because I spent yesterday afternoon with my daughter and a friend. This morning at the dentist. Of course I am 81 years old so don’t have a lot of other things to do but embroidery and read good books.
    You are an excellent writer and love your style. I am looking forward to more!

  14. Leona Gann says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two celebration books. These are such interesting and touching stories. I am anxiously awaiting the third book!! Please add me to your mailing list so I will know when it comes out.
    Thank you for these great books!!!

  15. Jill B says:

    Just finished reading book 1 of Celebration House series. First time in quite a while that I had to read straight through! Very well developed characters. And thank you for researching both the history and cardiology research. As the daughter of a couple history teachers — and the wife of a cardiology PA (with his own bi-v pacemaker/defibrillator) — I appreciate your attention to detail.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Jill.
      I tried! Thank you for your praise. Originally, I had a scene in the book where Carrie receives her ICD. (I have a past life as a cath lab RN). But my editor told me the scene was unnecessary so, per her instructions, it was cut.
      But I hope the book is authentic to the challenges Carrie faced. She had such courage.
      Thank you for leaving a comment.

  16. Andrea says:

    Please let me know when “Return to Celebration House is out… The last book said it would be out May 1st.
    Thank yiu

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Andrea.
      Thank you so much for writing to me. I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I just saw your comment today.
      Return to Celebration House was originally scheduled to publish on May 1st, but Melanie and I ran into problems. Melanie struggled with grief; I struggled with a sense of purpose. We’re working together much better now, and the plan is for the book to publish at the end of May.
      Thank you for writing to me. Much appreciated!

  17. Sherry Cockrell says:

    Great books. Can’t wait for number 3.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Sherry.
      I just saw your comment. Return to Celebration House will publish at the end of May. I hope you love it too!

  18. Dianne Gunter says:

    I’ve just finished the second book of Celebration House Trilogy… read both books in less than two days.Got the first one on BookBub and purchased the second from Kindle. I’m so excited for book 3 to be published.
    Thank you for writing this wonderful Trilogy!!!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Thank you, Dianne, for your kind words. I’m really glad you enjoyed the first two Celebration House books. I’m hard at work on the third. It’s just that Melanie can be…difficult. My plan is to publish it on all ebook venues the last day of May. (I better get busy!)
      Thank you again for reaching out to me.

  19. Amy says:

    Read the entire first book today. couldn’t wait to get to the second one… finding out I have to wait until at least august as I have a kobo is extremely disappointing

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Oh, Amy. I’m so sorry! I had to pull the book from Kobo today because it’s exclusive to Amazon until early August.
      Very sorry. When it goes wide in August, I’ll set it at an affordable price to allow readers like you to snatch it up.
      Thank you for reading my story.

  20. Gail says:

    Disappointed that I have to wait until August to read the next book on my Nook. Hopefully I will not forget to look for it in August as I will certainly be reading other books between now and then. I set a reminder on my phone.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Gail.
      Thank you for reading my book. You are one of many, many Nook readers who have contacted me. You guys are mighty! So, Amazon has the book exclusively until August 3rd. Then, I’ll be sure it’s available on Nook, Kobo and ibooks. Also, the third book, when I finish writing it, will be available on all ebook platforms. Lesson learned! Readers who like my stories love their Nooks.

  21. peggy says:

    Loved both books can’t wait until the third one comes out keep up the good work. You are a very good writer.

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Peggy.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m really glad you are enjoying my stories. It means a great deal to me.

  22. Andrea Ludwig says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your books ,on the Celebtration House series. I’m so looking forward to the third book .
    Andrea Ludwig

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Thank you, Andrea. I’m really glad you enjoyed the first two books. I’m hard at work on the third. Thanks again.

  23. Nan says:

    Really enjoyed the first two books!! Can hardly wait fir the third. Get to writing!! 🙂

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Nan.
      I’m working on it! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first two books. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  24. Diane says:

    I just finished Book 2 tonight and went straight to Amazon to get the next one? So disappointed that I couldn’t start reading tonight! I have loved the Celebration House books. I, too, would love to have Carrie and the ghosts visit more often. Just loved your 2 books! I’ve signed up to be notified as soon as it is released. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Diane.
      Thank you so much for commenting about the Celebration House books. I’m so glad they found their target readers.
      Meanwhile, more ghosts. Got it!

  25. Roxie Steding says:

    Looking forward to your third book, hoping it isn’t the last in the series. After reading the first two, I feel like the characters are family! Hoping you send notifications to those of us anxiously waiting….no hurry, but hurry! 🙂

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Roxie.
      Thank you for your comment! Made me grin.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the first two books. I’ll be honest: finding the motivation to write can be a challenge on some days. Comments like yours help dispel the drudgery. Thanks again.

  26. Terri says:

    What a find Building Celebration House was for me! I always enjoy nice stories with some ghostly visits. I loved getting to know Carrie so much. I zipped right through this book, because it was so hard to put down. You’ve got a new fan! I was thrilled to see book 2 is already out, but then realized from your blog that as a Nook reader, I’ll have to wait until August. So, this is me, anxiously awaiting the next in this wonderful trilogy! 🙂

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Terri.
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed Building Celebration House.
      The second book, Stay at Celebration House, will be available at all ebook distributors as of August 4th.
      So, knowing how fast you guys read, I scheduled the third book for the next day. Return to Celebration House will publish August 5th.
      Thanks for your patience.

  27. Kathy Clow says:

    Enjoyed 1 and 2, waiting for #3!

  28. Lori M says:

    ,i just finished reading Celebration House, I loved it!!!! Cant wait for the next book!”

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