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Annette DrakeAnnette Drake is a multi-genre author whose work is character-driven and celebrates the law of unintended consequences.

She is currently writing the sequels to her debut novel, Celebration House. All three books are slated for publication in 2017.

Her romance titles include A Beautiful Day in Alaska and A Year with Geno. Death Goes to the County Fair kicked off her cozy-mystery series set in Ogallala, Missouri. The book premiered on October 15th.

Annette’s coming-of-age novel, Trombone Girl – The Josey Miller Story, was re-released on August 10th by Baskethound Books and is available in ebook, print and audiobook.

Annette makes her home in Washington state. A member of the Romance Writers of America, she loves ferry rides, basset hounds and bakeries. She does not camp.

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