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  1. Alice (Crafton) Kirtley says:

    Annette, I read your information on a post from Mr. Richter, my old drivers ed instructior. I know this sound strange, but I am so proud of you. Take care, and I hope I will be one of the first to read your books. Good Luck!

  2. Bruce Schrock says:

    I have finally found out what my old friend and distant cousin is up to these days. I can’t wait to read your first two books! I am about to retire, so hopefully I will have time to read books again.

  3. Susan Davis says:

    When is the 3rd Celebration book comin???

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Susan.
      The plan is for the third book to publish at the end of May. I’m so glad you enjoy the books.
      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated!

  4. jeri dickinson says:

    Where in Virginia do you live? I live in Roanoke

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Hi, Jeri.
      I’m unsure if my attempt to respond to your question went through, so I’m re-posting a response.
      I live in Washington state. I’ve never been to Virginia, but I might get that opportunity later this summer. I sure hope so!
      I want to start a new series that takes place just after the end of the American Civil War, so I hope to visit a few museums in your neck of the woods.
      Thanks for reaching out to me.

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