Thanksgiving 2014 giveaway winners

Hey, guys. My first ever giveaway to promote A Year with Geno just ended. Huge thanks to those who took the time to enter. Here are the winners:

Casie Boland – $25 Amazon gift card

Mary Preston – A copy of A Year with Geno, ebook or print

Beth Camp – Baskethound Books mug

I wanted to share their entries:

Casie wrote, “My favorite Thanksgiving memory is of last year in 2013. It was the last Thanksgiving we had with my dad who passed away a few months later.”

Beth wrote, “My sister and I hosted 18 hungry folks for a lutefish feast. Two great platters of lutefish made the round of the table without one person taking a bite! Luckily, we also had turkey.”

Mary Preston wrote, “No one year stands out. I give thanks all year.”

I guess it’s my turn. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the year my mom and I were cooking dinner together, and the turkey fell out of the oven and onto the kitchen floor. I remember standing there, staring down at it, just in shock. We picked up the bird, rinsed it off and no one was the wiser.

I hope everybody had a great holiday.

Best wishes,

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