After much teeth gnashing and hair pulling, I opted to use lyrics from a song that is in public domain rather than use the lyrics I wrote. May my lyrics never see the light of day! They are that bad. My husband, in a rare moment of complete honesty, told me they sounded like a pick-up line. The song I chose is “Ain’t We Got Fun,” a popular foxtrot published in 1921 with music by Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Raymond B. Egan and Gus Kahn. I imagine my character, Charlie Land, playing it on an antique piano. Kinda like the one in this video.

So, in the original version of my novella, A Beautiful Day in Alaska, I have a couple dancing the Texas Two Step to the song I used. But, “Ain’t We Got Fun” is a foxtrot. Wouldn’t it make sense then for my Alaskan couple to dance a foxtrot? Yeah. I thought so too. I had no idea what the foxtrot looked like. Ah, the beauty of YouTube!

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