Author spotlight: Tina Gayle

Welcome paranormal-romance author, Tina Gayle.Tina Gayle

Why do you write fiction?
I love writing fiction because it allows the reader to dive into another world, feeling emotions and living a new life.

Please tell us about your book. What ideas or images inspired this novel?
Fallen Leaves is the second story in the Family Tree series. This set of stories is about having spiritual guides who help shape your life. As the family keeper, Amber Harrison is assigned the task of convincing her grandmother’s ghost to cross over and let go of her shadowy existence. Meanwhile, she also struggles to make room for a new love in her life.

Do you have an ideal reader in mind when you write? If so, please describe that reader.
No. I write what I love. I know other readers enjoy what I do and want to share the adventure.

Please describe your writing routine.
I start the day doing all my online stuff – email, twitter, blogs, promo, etc. As soon as I’m finished, I start writing. I try to write 2,000 to 3,000 words a day. Sometime this happens; sometimes it doesn’t. I just keep working until I get the book done. Then I spend weeks rewriting, revising, and making changes. I send the manuscript to my editor and then it’s published.

What advice do you give new writers just starting out?
Don’t give up. Do what you love and follow your dream. Remember: This is a marathon, not a sprint. It can take years to reach the best-sellers list. Then they’ll call you an overnight success.

More about Fallen Leaves:

As autumn comes to the Winston estate in Ohio, Amber Harrison learns further lessons in her new position as keeper for the spirits and ghosts who haunt the estate – and further lessons in love, too. She and Carter Miller grapple with the fears and passions of new love, while caught up in the storm of ancient family drama.
Fallen Leaves coverThis is the second book in the unfolding saga of the psychics and talents associated with the Winston estate, a sheltered place where past, present, and future are woven into a single dramatic tapestry of love and desire.
The tale spans multiple generations, multiple eras, and offers something special for all ages of reader. A sexy, erotic winner, with an assortment of couples to appeal to most tastes.

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  1. Tina Gayle says:

    Thanks Annette, for hosting me today. I enjoyed answering your questions. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great interview and excellent advice!!

  3. Tina Gayle says:

    Thanks Sherri and Annette

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