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Welcome historical-romance author, Donna Dalton.Author profile

Why do you write fiction?
I write fiction because I enjoy exploring my creative side. My job that pays the bills is very technical, so I look forward to exercising the right side of my brain.

Please tell us about your book. What ideas or images inspired this novel?
The idea for The Rebel Wife evolved from our current-day journalists chronicling the Iraq War. I wondered about the “embeds” of the past and decided to research the newspapermen of the American Civil War. From this emerged the character of Jackson Porter, a physically and emotionally scarred Yankee journalist on his way to the federal prison in Maryland to gather information for a news article. I immediately hit upon the perfect foil for such a hero – a dyslexic, southern Rebel willing to use any means to free her brother from prison. Jack is all about words, a seeker of truth, while Louisa sees everything in a distorted light. The story of these two people coming together is filled with emotion and conflict.

Do you have an ideal reader in mind when you write? If so, please describe that reader.
My ideal reader would be someone who enjoys a story where the fictional tale is wrapped around true historical settings and characters, especially those set during and after the American Civil War. Most of my reviewers comment on the wonderful blending of romance and history that pulls them into the story.

Please describe your writing routine.
Some writers start with characters, some the story. I try to find a good balance between the two. Since I enjoy reading historical romances, I start with a basic story premise and brainstorm what type of characters would best fit that story. I adore strong, alpha men, so in most cases, my hero is connected to the military. My heroines tend to be independent and strong-willed, which both perplexes and intrigues my alpha heroes.

What advice do you give new writers just starting out?
Read, read, read. There is no better way to learn than to see how other authors develop a story. If writing a historical novel, do your research, but don’t include all the facts. Sprinkle them in as needed.

More about The Rebel Wife:
When war correspondent Jackson Porter lies to a Union patrol to save a red-headed rebel, he gets something he never expected – a wife. But with her knowledge of corruption at the federal prisons, Louisa is his best chance to deliver the topnotch article his newspaper editor expects. The one thing Jackson didn’t count on was a burning desire for his pretend spouse.
Cover art for The Rebel WifeLouisa Carleton needs a miracle, even if that miracle comes in the shape of an arrogant, highfaluting Yankee. With her brother’s imminent death in prison weighing heavy on her mind, she has no option but to join forces with the enemy. Can she save her brother from a vindictive prison commander while still protecting her heart, or will Jackson stir dark memories she wants to forget?

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7 Responses to Author spotlight: Donna Dalton

  1. Donna Dalton says:

    Thanks, Annette for hosting me. I’m looking forward to chatting with your blog followers. In celebration, I will enter all those who comment into a drawing for an e-copy of any of my backlist books, including The Rebel Wife. Good Luck, everyone!

    • AnnetteDrake says:

      Donna, what a generous offer! Thank you so much. As a writer of Civil-War fiction, I love stumbling onto others who are also drawn to that time period. Could you please tell us a little bit about how you researched your novel?

      • Donna Dalton says:

        I began by researching the civil war correspondents. I found Brayton Harris’s Blue & Gray in Black & White to be very informative. That’s where I developed the idea for my hero. I then started looking through my husband’s extensive library of Civil War books. He’s an avid reader of that time period as well, though not the romance end of it :). He did take me on a field trip to Lookout Point, Maryland so I could soak up the ambiance and pull my experience into my story. I have pictures of the trip posted on my website.

  2. nartha lewis says:

    Huge Kudo’s to you, my friend.

  3. Wonderful post, Donna! You know I love military men, alpha heroes and strong heroines. I can always count on that in your books and look forward to reading this one! Best of luck!

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