Bay Area Book Festival Defends Author Solutions Sponsorship

Fellow authors: stay clear of Bay Book Festival and even further from Author Solutions.

David Gaughran

BABFASI discovered yesterday that Author Solutions was sponsoring the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival – something at odds with the breathless verbiage on the event’s site:

A new kind of book fair… the largest, most innovative, and most inclusive… [we will] create the nation’s leading book festival.

The event doesn’t take place until June, so I thought it was a good time to try and stage an intervention.

After I sent that tweet I felt a little bad.

Maybe the organizers didn’t know the full history of Author Solutions. Maybe they weren’t aware of the specific scam that Author Solutions runs at events like this. Deciding to give them the benefit of the doubt, I emailed the Executive Director of the festival, Cherilyn Parsons.

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I wasn’t going to blog today. I got a nice massage after beating myself up on the back of a horse this weekend and thought I’d watch one (just one!) episode of The Walking Dead (re-watching season 2) and go to bed. But a couple of things happened…

First, I re-posted the image you see above on my Facebook account. I was okay until a friend made a comment about having to be crammed next to a fat person (he did not use the language “fat”–that’s my word) on a cross-country airplane flight and mentioned that the person sitting next to him took up a good five to six inches of his seat. Well, I’ve been that fat person and let me tell you, it’s pretty damned miserable to be the fat person, too. Every minute shifting in that airplane seat is a reminder of just how overweight, obese, fat…

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