Spotlight/Review: Building Celebration House (The Celebration House Trilogy Volume 1), by Annette Drake

Promoting Building Celebration House today, just three days before the next book hits the streets. Stay at Celebration House premiers on April 1st. No fooling.

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4 out of 5 Stars

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This is a wonderful and sweet story about ghosts, going for a simpler life. A great read and making changes.

Reviewed by Romantic Renay

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Carrie Hansen spent her life caring for cardiac patients. Little did she know she would become a patient herself.

After recovering from her own heart surgery, she learns she has a special talent: the ability to see and talk with the dead.

Now, with her health failing, she leaves the bustle of Seattle behind and returns to Lexington, Missouri, the small town where she spent her childhood. Here, she sets out to restore an abandoned antebellum mansion and open it as a venue for celebrations.

Carrie’s unique gift allows her to build relationships with the mansion’s…

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I wasn’t going to blog today. I got a nice massage after beating myself up on the back of a horse this weekend and thought I’d watch one (just one!) episode of The Walking Dead (re-watching season 2) and go to bed. But a couple of things happened…

First, I re-posted the image you see above on my Facebook account. I was okay until a friend made a comment about having to be crammed next to a fat person (he did not use the language “fat”–that’s my word) on a cross-country airplane flight and mentioned that the person sitting next to him took up a good five to six inches of his seat. Well, I’ve been that fat person and let me tell you, it’s pretty damned miserable to be the fat person, too. Every minute shifting in that airplane seat is a reminder of just how overweight, obese, fat…

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Three Out of Four

To all of the women in my life, please read this. And repost. Spread the word. 3 out of 4!



I have a very, very dear friend who is a few years older than I am. Bless her soul, she has been a loyal reader of the blog since day one and she keeps pushing me to consider a podcast. I think she should come on and be my “straight man” if I podcast–because actually she is far funnier than I am.

We were talking sex recently (‘cuz, you know, that’s what I do) and I said to her, “You know, 75% of all women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The majority of women cannot reach orgasm with penis-in-vagina (a.k.a. P-I-V) sex alone.” (Thank you, Dan Savage, for that statistic. For a guy who is “squicked out” by vaginas, he sure has some good information and advice to offer.) My friend told me several days later that she’d never heard that and did not know that is the…

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