Silence of the Jams

Today I welcome author Gayle Leeson to talk about her new cozy mystery, Silence of the Jams. Welcome, Gayle.
Why do you write cozy mysteries?
I enjoy the puzzle-solving aspect of mysteries but don’t care for too much blood and gore. Cozies seem like a kinder, gentler murder somehow.

Please tell us about your book. What ideas or images inspired this novel?
I grew up in a small town like Winter Garden. Our big deal of the summer was when the carnival came to town. My cousin, brother, and I would plan for it as soon as we saw the first flyer announcing when the carnival was coming to town. We decided what we wanted to ride, what we wanted to eat, who else among our friends might be going. Trust me, it was exciting. So I wanted to embody some of that excitement in Winter Garden’s Independence Day Celebration. The town is small, so they don’t have the budget to do a lot. They have large celebrations for the Fourth of July and for Christmas, so the townspeople really get involved and enjoy themselves on those two occasions.

Do you have an ideal reader in mind when you write? If so, please describe that reader.
I don’t. I basically write the book I feel…the book I believe is true to the characters and the story. I do, however, sometimes hear my editor in my head as I write. Does that mean she’s my ideal reader?

Please describe your writing routine.
I do a rough overall outline so that I know basically where the story is going, and then I outline a chapter at a time prior to writing it. That way, if the plot takes a turn I wasn’t expecting, I can just pick up the threads and keep weaving. I try to write a chapter a day. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. When I’m on deadline, I make myself get that chapter in.

What advice do you give new writers just starting out?
Never give up and never stop learning!

More about Silence of the Jams:
It’s Independence Day in Winter Garden, Virginia, and the residents are gearing up for their annual celebration. The Down South Café is open and flourishing, and Amy Flowers is busy making pies and cakes for the holiday. The only thorn in her side is Chamber of Commerce director George Lincoln, who is trying to buy the café so he can tear it down and build a B and B on the site. When George collapses while eating at the Down South, everybody assumes it’s a heart attack — until the autopsy declares it to be poisoning. Now, it’s up to Amy to prove her innocence before her liberty is lost.

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  1. Thank you for hosting Gayle Trent and her latest book, Silence of the Jams, on your blog. The cover is enticing and I had added it to my need to read list.

  2. Gayle Trent says:

    Thank you, Annette, for hosting me on your blog today! I appreciate your support.

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