I found this in my email inbox yesterday. I wanted to share it with you:

“Hi Annette.

Thank you again for sharing your work, The Celebration House, with us,
and for your interest in Tirgearr Publishing.

We put the book before our editors and they’ve come back with a very
positive response. You have a clear voice and your writing is engaging and easy to read. The plot is focused and your protagonist remains firm
through the storytelling. There are clear, emotive scenes; you have a
good sense with visualization. There are a few editorial issues here,
but nothing that can’t be worked out during the editing process.

If you are still interested in placing this book with Tirgearr
Publishing, I would be very happy to send you a contract to look over.
Let me know where you stand and we’ll move forward with this book.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tirgearr Publishing”

There’s a lot of ways that my world changes because of this email.

To begin with, there’s the money. I stand to make tens of dollars from this news!

But what I’m most fascinated with is this: people who read my book will be seeing the images and meet the characters that have existed only in my mind. I’m fascinated with this idea.

I know of so many amazing writers who have not had this opportunity. I feel lucky. I feel blessed. Publication offers me a sense of validation, that my writing isn’t just rubbish. It has value, if only 99 cents for an e-book. Sold!


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