The final edits are done! Oh, the final edits are done…

George Lucas once said, “Films never get finished. They get abandoned.”

After spending every spare moment over the last two weekends – adding more details about minor characters, finagling punctuation, inserting little hints so that a sequel is feasible – I finished Celebration House. And I knew what George meant.

I returned the manuscript to my editor. I couldn’t look at the book anymore. I felt like a high school student taking the ACT who finishes the test before time is up and goes back to change correct answers. My editor emailed me later that night. The manuscript was returned to the Tirgearr Publishing and was on its way to the proofreader.

I have so many worries about Celebration House. Did I give the reader enough description so that they can envision Stratton House? Are the renovations and the speed at which they are accomplished plausible? Will the reader empathize with my main character, Carrie, or find her annoying? Are people interested in what Civil War ghosts have to say? Ugh! I just don’t know.

But I will know after August 1st when Celebration House is opened to the public. In the meantime, I stew. I fret. It’s like sending your child off to kindergarten. Are the other kids going to be nice to her? Will they want to play with her or will they think she’s just sort of, well, weird?

The rational part of my brain knows that Celebration House is just one of thousands of books to be published this year. Thousands! Will this one small volume of 45,000 words really make any difference in anybody’s world? Probably not. But boy, I sure hope it does.

Hands and arms inside the cart: What I learned from Hugh Howey. Who’s that? He’s my hero!



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