Ode to a hound

Hour after hour, I sit at this desk, promoting Celebration House and sometimes, for a few stolen minutes of bliss, working on my next book, A Year with Geno. My family leaves me in peace. They know I get cranky with interruptions. But I’m not alone: my faithful basset hound, Eeyore, is asleep by my chair.

Recently, I reconnected with my uncle, Jack Obermeier. We’re Facebook friends now. I laughed when I saw his portrait photo: a beautiful long-eared hound. At least I know I come by my passion for the breed through genetics. Here, then, is a humble offering to my Uncle Jack and those in my audience who cannot imagine life without a hound:

Ten things a hound may hear from his owner:
10. I’ve already fed you today. Three times.
9. Why is there a string of drool on this picture frame?
8. You look guilty. Why do you look guilty?
7. How did you get two pounds of raw hamburger off the countertop?
6. You. Smell. Bad.
5. Stop baying. Someone rang the doorbell on the television.
4. How did you get the Easter candy? It was in my bedroom closet.
3. You’re living proof that chocolate does not kill dogs. But right now, I wish it did.
2. What’s in your mouth? Ew, it’s a mouse! I can see the tail…
1. Drop it! Drop it! Oh, you swallowed it.

2 thoughts on “Ode to a hound

  1. He was indeed a good old hound named “Catfish”. Can’t remember why we named him that but he was an excellent hunter with a tremendous voice.


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