Plateful of Murder

PLATEFUL OF MURDER large banner 640Welcome author Carole Fowkes!

Why do you write fiction?
I write fiction because I adore letting my imagination run wild. It’s the one time I don’t have to be a responsible adult.

carole fowkes author picPlease tell us about your newest release. What ideas or images inspired this story?
My latest release, Plateful of Murder, is the first book in the Terrified Detective series. It’s about a young woman, Claire DeNardo, who is afraid of many things but becomes a private investigator because she can’t find a decent job in her field of mass communications. In spite of being fearful, she finds herself drawn into solving murders. The idea for the series came about when a friend and I were discussing careers. My friend asked me how I’d feel about being a private investigator and my response was, “I’d be terrified.” Thus the series was created.

Do you have an ideal reader in mind when you write? If so, please describe that reader.
I hope my books appeal to a broad range of readers. If I had to describe an ideal reader, though, that reader would have a good sense of humor and appreciate irony. This reader would also love food, especially chocolate, because it’s what keeps Claire going.

Please describe your writing routine.
I usually start writing early in the morning and go until my stomach growls, which it does around 7 a.m. After breakfast I continue writing until late morning. By then, other aspects of my life need attention. During this time away from writing, I allow my words from the morning to “stew.” After dinner I pick up where I left off on my project and write for another couple hours. Also, I don’t plot ahead, preferring to “ad lib.”

What advice do you give to authors just starting their journey?
My advice is to keep at it. The more you write, the better you’ll get. Also, if at all possible, join a writers’ group. I’m part of one and attend every week. The advice and encouragement of other authors is of immense value and can push you through a tough scene or a rejection. That brings me to my last bit of advice. Rejections are part of the game and everyone receives them. If writing is your dream, don’t let one or 100 rejections cause you to give that dream up.

More about Plateful of Murder:
Cover artPrivate Detective Claire DeNardo is afraid of everything. Simple things like balloons, roller coasters, and hairpieces make her knees knock loud enough to be a band’s rhythm section. Unfortunately, the only job Claire can find is working for her Uncle Gino in his seedy detective agency. Until now, her cases have all been middle-aged men with trophy wives who needed watching. But Claire gets swept up in a murder case despite being afraid of conflict, bodily harm, and hurting anyone’s feelings. She enlists a jaded security guard, Ed, to help her. But when Ed is attacked and left comatose, Claire must stumble along by herself. Both the client who hired her and the handsome police detective want her off the case. When the wrong person is charged, it’s up to the terrified detective, to summon all the courage she can to find the true killer.

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