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42 years and counting

Carla wrote to me and told her that after 42 years of marriage, her husband, John, is still her best friend. The couple, pictured here in Cades Cove, Tennessee, will celebrate 43 years in November.

2 thoughts on “42 years and counting”

  1. I just finished Return to Celebration House- you had graciously sent it to me! FANTASTIC! Hated for it to end! PLEASE another in this magnificent series! I want to see what goes on with Zach and Melanie and all about Beth’s baby! PLEASE do another! Absolutely loved it!


    1. Phyllis,
      I didn’t want to say anything yet, but, yes, I’m planning a fourth book. It’s Myrna’s story. I think she deserves a book, don’t you?
      And nobody has asked yet, but, of course Celebration House will be rebuilt. Of course Melanie will see it restored. I spent the preceding 200+ pages telling the world how competent she was. She’s not gonna let a little thing like a small house fire get in her way. This is Melanie we’re talking about!
      Stay tuned and thanks for writing.
      P.S. Beth’s baby was a boy…


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