2 thoughts on “42 years and counting

  1. I just finished Return to Celebration House- you had graciously sent it to me! FANTASTIC! Hated for it to end! PLEASE another in this magnificent series! I want to see what goes on with Zach and Melanie and all about Beth’s baby! PLEASE do another! Absolutely loved it!


    • Phyllis,
      I didn’t want to say anything yet, but, yes, I’m planning a fourth book. It’s Myrna’s story. I think she deserves a book, don’t you?
      And nobody has asked yet, but, of course Celebration House will be rebuilt. Of course Melanie will see it restored. I spent the preceding 200+ pages telling the world how competent she was. She’s not gonna let a little thing like a small house fire get in her way. This is Melanie we’re talking about!
      Stay tuned and thanks for writing.
      P.S. Beth’s baby was a boy…


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