Daniel Purcell narrated Death Goes to the County Fair. From a young age, Dan had a gift for voices and accents. He appeared in all of his high school productions. When he attended college, he put aside his performance side and earned a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Operations Research at night while meeting and marrying his wife and raising three children. Although he was not on the public stage, he continued to perform for his children by dropping into various accents to make them laugh. He also enjoyed performing all the characters while reading them stories. Dan reemerged on the stage in 2010 with an award-winning performance in a play with a community theater and has since performed in many plays as well as films and TV.


Darryl Kurylo - Headshot Beige CropDarryl Hughes Kurylo narrated Bone Girl. He has been a professional voice actor for 15 years and is known for his incredible versatility. He provided me with the slogan I write when I autograph copies: “Play it. Play it as loud as you can.”


Julie KerrCombining her background in radio news and community theater, Julie Kerr brings alive the pages of A Year with Geno. When she’s not recording or at Encore Theatre in Lima (like the bean), Ohio, Julie is learning the joys of Starbucks coffee while working at Barnes & Noble @ UNOH. Books and stories are a big part of her life, and are delightful to share with her family and her husband.


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