Dandelion Dead

dandelion-dead-book-blast-large-banner640-1Today I spotlight Dandelion Dead, Chrystle Fiedler’s newest cozy mystery.

chrystle-dandelion-deadMore about Dandelion Dead:
dandelion-deadBusiness is blooming at Nature’s Way Market & Café, and shop owner, holistic doctor, and amateur sleuth, Willow McQuade has never been happier. Her new medicinal herb garden is a hit, so is her new book, she’s in love with ex-cop and animal rescuer Jackson Spade, and enjoying teaching seminars about edible plants and natural remedies.
But everything changes when Willow’s old boyfriend and TV producer, Simon Lewis, winemaker David Farmer, and his wife Ivy, ask her to cater a party at Pure, their new organic vineyard, to kick off North Fork’s Uncorked! week and the competition for Wine Lovers magazine’s $200,000 prize. Pure’s entry, Falling Leaves, is the favorite to win, and the wine flows freely until after Simon’s toast when smiles give way to looks of horror. Ivy’s twin sister, Amy has been murdered! Turns out, the poison that killed her was actually meant for David. But who wants him dead? A rival vintner? Or someone closer to home? This time the truth may be a bitter vintage to swallow.

Chrystle Fiedler is a freelance journalist specializing in natural remedies, alternative medicine and holistic health and healing, and is the author of the Natural Remedies Mysteries series. Her many consumer magazine articles have appeared in USA Today’s Green Living, Natural Health, Remedy, Mother Earth Living, Spirituality & Health, and Prevention. She is also the author/co-author of seven non-fiction health titles including the Country Almanac of Home Remedies with herbalist Brigitte Mars, and The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty with Vegan Beauty Review founder, Sunny Subramanian. Chrystle lives on the East End of Long Island, NY in a cozy cottage by the sea.

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How to connect with Chrystle:
Website: http://www.chrystlefiedlerwrites.com


Secret Lives and Private Eyes

secret lives large banner640Author Heather Weidner shares news of her debut novel, SecSecret Lives author photoret Lives and Private Eyes.

Heather’s short stories appear in Virginia is for Mysteries and Virginia is for Mysteries Volume II. Her debut novel, Secret Lives and Private Eyes,  premiered on June 20.

Originally from Virginia Beach, Heather has been a mystery fan since Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew. She currently lives in Central Virginia with her husband and a pair of Jack Russell terriers. She is a member of Sisters in Crime International, Guppies, and Sisters in Crime – Central Virginia. She is currently President of Sisters in Crime – Central Virginia.

More about Secret Lives and Private Eyes:

Secret Lives coverBusiness has been slow for Private Investigator Delanie Fitzgerald, but her luck seems to change when a tell-all author hires her to find rock star Johnny Velvet. Could the singer—whose career purportedly ended in a fiery crash almost thirty years ago—still be alive?

As if sifting through dead ends in a cold case isn’t bad enough, Delanie is hired by loud-mouth strip club owner Chaz Wellington Smith, III, to uncover information about the mayor’s secret life. When the mayor is murdered, Chaz becomes the key suspect, and Delanie must clear his name. She also has to figure out why a landscaper keeps popping up in her other investigation. Can the private investigator find the connection between the two cases before another murder—possibly her own—takes place?

Secret Lives and Private Eyes is a fast-paced mystery that will appeal to readers who like a strong, female sleuth with a knack for getting herself in and out of difficult, and sometimes humorous, situations.

Grab your copy here: [amazon text=Amazon&asin=B01FGRFI1C]

How to connect with Heather:

Website & Blog: http://www.heatherweidner.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeatherWeidner1

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Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+HeatherWeidner

The author is giving away 10 print copies.

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To Catch A Treat

bannerAuthor Linda O. Johnston visits my pages today to talk about her newest release, To Catch A Treat. Welcome, Linda.author photo
Hi. I’m delighted to be here as part of my Great Escapes Book Tour.  I’d like to tell you about me and my writing and my latest work.
First: me.  My name is Linda O. Johnston, and I’m here to let people know about my latest release: To Catch A Treat. It’s the second book in my Barkery & Biscuits Mystery Series. The first book was Bite The Biscuit, which was released a year ago. It was a finalist in the fiction category of the Dog Writers Association of America’s Maxwell Awards.
In addition to the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries, I also write the Superstition Mysteries for the same publisher, Midnight Ink. The second Superstition Mystery, Knock On Wood, was released last October, and the third, Unlucky Charms, will be out in October of this year.
If you haven’t guessed,  I write a lot. To Catch A Treat is my 42nd published novel. In addition to my mysteries, I write for two Harlequin series. My Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel Clandestine Attraction will be published this August. I also write the Alpha Force miniseries about a covert military unit of shapeshifters for Harlequin’s paranormal romance Nocturne line.
So why do I write?  It’s who I am, what I do.  Why do I write cozy mysteries?  Because I love them. And I love dogs. All of my mysteries feature dogs. I additionally enjoy writing romances, and there are also canines in my Alpha Force miniseries — werewolves! Also, the shifters have cover dogs in case they’re seen in shifted form.
For many years, I was an attorney specializing in real estate law. That was fun while it lasted, but I started getting my fiction published while I practiced law. Eventually, I became the full-time writer that I am today.
In addition to writing novels, I enjoy blogging and letting people know about my published work and just getting out there and meeting readers and other writers in person… and virtually!

More about To Catch A Treat:
Carrie Kennersly, veterinary technician and owner of the Barkery and Biscuits bake shop, agrees to a day of hiking with her brother Neal mostly because she wants to meet — and critique — his latest romantic interest, Janelle Blaystone. But instead of judgment, Carrie has only sympathy for Janelle, whose beloved black Labrador, Go, was recently dognapped along with many other purebred pets.
cover artJanelle thinks the culprit is Ada Arnist, a wealthy homeowner spotted at the dog parks where Go and the others were stolen. Soon after Janelle confronts her, though, Ada is found dead. With Janelle and Neal on the suspect list, Carrie must solve the mystery before the police bark up the wrong tree.

Grab your copy here: [amazon text=Amazon&asin=B01A5OGVOE]

How to connect with Linda:
Webpage: http://www.LindaOJohnston.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaOJohnston

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House of the Hanging Jade

bannerrAmy M. Reade visits my pages today to talk about her new release, House of the Hanging Jade. She shares her top 10 things most folks don’t know about Hawaii. Welcome, Amy.Author photo

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Hawaii…
which may or may not be from personal experience
1. There are no billboards.
2. The state bird, which is actually a goose called the nene (pronounced nay-nay), is a highly threatened species that looks remarkably like a miniature Canada Goose.
3. Big Island: If your children are fighting in the car to the point where you wish you could be strapped to the front grate for the rest of the trip around the island, do yourself a favor and use Saddle Road, which can potentially cut several hours off your “fun family drive.”
4. Big Island: The southernmost winery in the United States is Volcano Winery, located in Volcano, Hawaii. This is actually a village on the slopes of Kilauea, a volcano that has been erupting since 1983. The winery has great wines (especially their Symphony Mele- pronounced “may-lay”) and can be a useful stop if … see #3 above.
5. Hawaii has no rabies. I learned that the hard way, thanks to a cat I mistakenly thought was adorable.
6. Winter is the best time to go to Hawaii if you want to see humpback whales frolicking in the Pacific Ocean. The males put on quite a show if they are courting a female. Once the females calve they, too, put on a great show. When calves are learning to jump, they’re often referred to as “flying pickles” because they can’t quite get their tails out of the water and they do, in fact, look like giant flying pickles.
7. When swimming in the ocean, be aware that it gets deep very quickly and the waves can be gigantic. If you happen to be out too far with your daughter and have to be rescued by a stranger when a wave tries to kill you, just remember to be gracious and apologetic when that stranger tells you not to be so stupid.
8. Oahu: You may decide to climb Diamond Head on your last day in Hawaii. I encourage that because it’s a great experience. But please, take extra water. Otherwise, you too might have an inexplicable seizure on the airplane home. And if the doctor behind you gets testy when you, in a frenzy of flight officials trying to decide if the airplane should be turned around to get you to a hospital, suggest it might have been the water in the restroom at Diamond Head, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
P.S.: My kids actually enjoyed that flight because they got to sit in the back of the plane and eat ice cream while I was stretched out across three seats up front on my deathbed. They do love their ice cream.
9. Big Island: And speaking of ice cream, be sure to stop at Tropical Dreams, a little ice cream and coffee shop in Hawii jam packed with fun souvenir finds and the best ice cream on the island. It’s where I first saw Dragonfruit Sorbet (it’s actually the only place I’ve ever seen it).
10. You will never want to leave.

More about House of the Hanging Jade:
A dark presence invades the Jorgensens’ house. On a spectacular bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, something evil is watching and waiting . . .
cover artTired of the cold winters in Washington, D.C. and disturbed by her increasingly obsessive boyfriend, Kailani Kanaka savors her move back to her native Big Island of Hawaii. She also finds a new job as personal chef for the Jorgensen family. The gentle caress of the Hawaiian trade winds, the soft sigh of the swaying palm trees, and the stunning blue waters of the Pacific lull her into a sense of calm at the House of Hanging Jade–an idyll that quickly fades as it becomes apparent that dark secrets lurk within her new home. Furtive whispers in the night, a terrifying shark attack, and the discovery of a dead body leave Kailani shaken and afraid. But it’s the unexpected appearance of her ex-boyfriend, tracking her every move and demanding she return to him, that has her fearing for her life…

Grab your copy here: [amazon text=Amazon&asin=138NHCMO]

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Website: http://www.amymreade.com
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